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dimarts, 8 de maig de 2012

Changes stimulate opportunities. PeerTransfer

A way of the future being financed
                         A way of constructing your dreams...

Everything is possible if you think, you search and move. Here you have an example

peerTransfer was founded to address the specific money transfer needs of the growing international student population in the United States. To help facilitate the payment process for the student as well as the reconciliation process for the schools, peerTransfer has developed a secure and efficient solution for international student payments (e.g., tuition, fees and admission deposits) that saves each entity a significant amount of time and money.
Paying for college is expensive - particularly for international students unable to receive financial aid or access alternative financing and loans. With US colleges only accepting tuition payments in US dollars, international students are forced to either pay via wire transfer from their home country and incur fees and unfavorable retail exchange rates, or pay by credit card and suffer fees from their credit card provider. And, unfortunately, the problem does not end with the students. Many educational institutions experience issues processing and reconciling incoming payments from these students. Wires need to be manually reconciled and sometimes do not include the relevant information or are not the expected amount, due to fluctuating exchange rates and fees. Finally, the school’s banking information is often disclosed on their website to several third parties, potentially leaving the school open to fraud.

Vídeo in Spanish with one of the protagonists, Iker Marcaide.